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Dear Fellow Webmasters & Internet Marketers,


As you probably know, one of the major keys to growing your search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo and MSN is to crank out fresh website content on a regular basis.


To accomplish this, you can either sit down, put your writer's hat on and start typing away...or you can go visit or some other freelance exchange service and pay $10-$12 per article to have a professional writer do it for you. Either way, it's not going to be easy (or cheap!).


We've got a deal for you!


For the unbelievable price of $0 USD, we're going to give you enough free monthly content to make a new website or add it to your existing website or blog. Yes, you heard me right, we're going to give you enough content each month that you will be able to build a new niche website around it or add it to your existing website or blog.


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 "I have written a few of my own articles which have been accepted by article forums, but they are amateur compared to yours."


- Sylvia White 



I'm sure you've got a lot of questions bouncing around in your head right now, so I'll take a minute to answer a few of them.


How can they give it away? To be honest, we're hoping to build a relationship with you. We are professional copywriters. We feel if we give you good content free each month, you'll come to us when you need more and you will be willing to pay for it since you'll know the great quality of the work.


What's the catch? There's no catch. This will be private label right content meaning you can put your name on it and use it in your blog, build a new niche website with it or add it to your existing website. 



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 "You guys have provided a timely and much needed solution for people trying to make money online. You guys rock and keep up the good work.."


- K. Kumar     

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Here's an overview of what you will get as a member of

  • Articles for a Popular and Profitable Niche -- We will give you enough articles where you can buy a domain name and build a new niche website or you can add them to your existing website(s) or blog(s).

  • Keyword Lists -- We will provide you detailed keyword lists to accompany your new website article content.

  • Follow-up Ideas and Tips -- Each month, we will give you valuable ideas and tips for how to use your articles to the best profit potential.


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